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What Toys are acceptable for my pets teeth?

One thing that is always forgotten when buying new things is how my pet’s toys will affect their teeth? Well with the help of VOHC and others we can help you find out! Let us start off with the basics. What toys cause damage to the teeth? Bones (Animal or Synthetic) Sticks Rocks Yak milk […]

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Why Does My Pet Need a “Dental”?

“Who ever heard of doing an entire dental for your pet?” “It is hard enough to get yourself to the dentist’s office, and we never used to have to bring animals in for dental procedures!” “This is just a scam for more money.” These are just some of the things you have probably heard or […]

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It’s just a little bit of Christmas dinner

We all want to include our best friends in the joyous moments in our life, especially around the holidays. This includes Holiday meals like Christmas dinner. Everyone is around the table enjoying their Christmas dinner, why should your best friend?   Well, the 1st reason would like to avoid this is because it can also […]

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Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree… don’t eat that!

Decorating for the holidays is always something to look forward. However, we all must make sure that it is also safe for our furry friends to make sure our holidays are great and we hopefully do not have to take a trip to our emergency vet! But it’s the holidays, what could really be that […]

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Let’s get Active!

I am sure you all know that it’s important to make sure our furry friends stay active. However, once winter time hits well that is simply more difficult with the snow and storms that come around. So then how do we keep our friends active in winter as we would in spring/summer? Why is physical […]

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