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The benefits of dental food

Why would you need to put your companion on a dental food? Especially if you already are brushing their teeth & watching their toys? Well as I will say time and time again, Preventatives are always cheaper than problems. So that being said let’s talk about how dental food actually works and when it is […]

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Black History & Veterinary Medicine – Dr. Jane Hinton (1919-2003)

Today’s historian we will talk about is Dr. Jane Hinton. She was one of the first two African Americans to graduate with a DVM. The other being Dr. Alfreda Johnson Webb who we talk about later on. There were only 4 DVMS before her and the next DVM would only show up after 20 more […]

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Black History & Veterinary Medicine – Dr. Augustus Lushington (1869-1939)

Today’s high achiever of African American descent in veterinary medicine is Dr. Augustus Lushinton. This man was the first male of African descent to earn a DVM in the US! After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania’s 3-year veterinary program he moved to Lynchburg, Virginia even with the racial tensions occurring there. He began his […]

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Black History & Veterinary Medicine – Dr. Frederick Douglas Patterson

Let’s start with Dr. Frederick Douglass Patterson. This wonderful gentleman got his DVM degree in 1923 and began teaching at Tuskegee University in 1928. He then began to teach veterinary science and founded in 1944 the Tuskegee School of Veterinary Medicine which has graduated 75% of African American veterinarians. He also founded the United Negro […]

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Need a Tic Tac? How’s your pet’s teeth?

We all know what dog breath is, but how normal is this bad breath? Is it really just dog breath or is it something more? Let’s talk about it to help you determine if you should be talking to your veterinarian about your pet’s breath and oral health. We can agree that all dogs have […]

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