Kennel cough and Spot!

Kennel cough has found its way into your neighbourhood. This raises a lot of questions about you and poor spot. Well, I am here to help answer some of those questions today!

What is Kennel Cough?

Well kennel cough, aka Bordetella, is a bacterial pathogen that can lead to respiratory disease in our canine friends. It is very easily spread throughout communities in places such as daycares, kennels, dog parks, and any other way dogs can touch noses. This is because it is airborne.

How do I know if I should bring my dog in?

If you notice your dog coughing/hacking, has discharge from their eyes or nose, is acting lethargic, or you’re noticing a lack of appetite. These are signs you should get your best friend to the vet. However if you notice the discharge is greenish in colour, they are extremely lethargic and not wanting to move, have an increased respiratory effort and have a “wet” cough you should definitely get seen sooner as these are more serious and emergent cases.

Can I prevent Kennel Cough in my dog?

Unfortunately, you can not prevent this but, there are ways to help distance the spread and lessen the symptoms. The first thing you may want to do is vaccinate for kennel cough. This does not prevent it but, it will help protect from some strains of Bordetella (kennel cough) and will help reduce symptoms to be milder. Puppies can be vaccinated as early as 8 weeks if using the oral vaccine. However, the vaccine can take 3-5 days to work. If you find kennel cough in your neighbourhood, make sure to watch your surroundings. Don’t interact with unknown dogs and keep your fur baby home from daycares and kennels until the outbreak is calmed down.

Oh no! Spot has kennel cough! Now what?

As unfortunate as this is don’t panic just yet. Make sure to go to the vet and get checked out so you can receive the proper medications to feel better if they are required. Stay away from any other dogs for 2 weeks after symptoms are completely resolved and follow the steps for helping prevent kennel cough above. Do not get vaccinated for kennel cough while spot has it. Wait until after you have been cleared to go out and do things again.

When should I not vaccinate for this?

If spot is already on antibiotics for something else you will want to wait to get this vaccine until those are completely done and out of the system. This is not because it is harmful, but due to the fact that giving it at this time will render the vaccine useless and it will do its job to protect your best friend. As well you will not want to get this vaccine if spot is already coughing or having respiratory issues, is immunocompromised, has previously had a vaccine reaction or anyone being referred for serious illness diagnosis or management.


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Let’s get Active!

I am sure you all know that it's important to make sure our furry friends stay active. However, once winter time hits well that is simply more difficult with the snow and storms that come around. So then how do we keep our friends active in winter as we would in spring/summer? Why is physical activity & mental stimulation so important for animals? Well simply put, as humans do, if they are stuck inside, they will get bored which then can make them become destructive and have other negative behaviors. Cats Cats may not always be outside walking like dogs, but you may still notice with the change in weather maybe they are slowing down and not exercising like they should? Here are some helpful ways to encourage them to exercise. Set up a game of hide and seek and hide toys or treats for them to find. Bring in something new from outside like a stick to mentally stimulate them and work out their brain. The new smells and textures can be very enriching for them. Winter is the perfect time for box forts for our kitty friends. If you have spare time made them a kitty castle or kitty boat whatever your imagination can think of! And of course, everyone likes a little stimulation from Tv. Put on something on the tv or a tablet and let them watch it but be careful they do not knock over your TV. Dogs Our dog friends love to be outside! This is great when the weather is cooperating but on those days that it just makes no sense to go outside or is unsafe to so you can try these helpful exercising tips. Let them walk/run on a treadmill. Now as great as this is for exercise you also need to be careful. Desensitize them to the treadmill first, and start slowly. It can be dangerous if not done properly. If your furry friend likes car rides, go on a trip together even just a short one. Let them enjoy the different sights and smells. Winter is perfect time to learn new tricks! This is the time to teach them that special trick you have wanted to for a while. Set up an obstacle course in your house for them to try and get through. Written by: Ashley G, VT    

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Last updated: June 9, 2022.

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