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Dog X-ray and Ultrasound

Digital X-ray is a valuable diagnostic tool. This equipment provides our vets with clear imaging to evaluate your dog’s condition.

How do you use X-ray and radiology services at your hospital?

Radiographs can be used to confirm a variety of things like bladder stones, foreign bodies, cardiac disease, broken bones, hip dysplasia, and torn ACL.

How much does a dog X-ray exam cost?

Prices vary depending on your dog’s case. For an accurate estimate, always call or ask during your appointment.


Algae: Friend or Foe?

As the weather gets warmer from time to time, especially with our alternating rain and sun, we begin to see the warnings that we receive annually. It has returned and it is present. In our lakes, our pools, and other still bodies of water. So, let’s dive into the bloom!

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