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Dog Skin Care

Skin is the largest organ in the body and the first line of defence against the environment. It’s essential to keep this organ in tip-top shape.

What are the causes, symptoms, and diagnosis of bacterial skin infections?

Itchy, smelly, yeasty, greasy, and sometimes even painful. The overgrowth of bacteria on the surface of the skin causes Pyoderma (bacterial skin infection). In-house cytology can help determine the root cause of this irritating condition.

What are the causes, symptoms, and treatment for ringworms?

This fungal infection is not a worm at all! Ringworm is contagious to cats, dogs and even humans. Your vet can determine the best course of treatment which may include topical and/or oral medications.

What are the causes and treatment of allergic skin diseases?

Allergic skin disease can be a very frustrating topic. Your pet can be allergic to pollen, dust mites, smoke, fleas, grass, trees, wool, mold, and many more environmental irritants. Some allergies are seasonal, while others are year-round. The easiest way to avoid allergic skin diseases is to find the allergy and stay away from it! Other treatment options are drug therapy.

What are the causes and treatment for parasitic skin diseases?

In-house skin scraping viewed under the microchip is the easiest way to find which parasites are irritating your companion. Identifying the suspect will allow us to find a medication which will evict these unwanted tenants.


Black History & Veterinary Medicine - Dr. Alfreda Johnson Webb (1923-1992)

Today's medical historian of colour is Dr. Alfreda Johnson Webb. Dr. Webb graduated with her DVM with our previous blog star Dr. Hinton, as one of the first female African American veterinarians in the US. Both of these great women were also the first black members of the Women’s Veterinary Medicine Association. She also founded the School of Veterinary Medicine of North Carolina State University. In 1971, she became the first African American woman in the North Carolina General Assembly, serving on many committees including serving as the Chairperson of Minority Affairs, president of the Democratic Women of NC, and a member of the NC Council on Sickle Cell Syndrome.   So you can see despite so many obstacles Dr. Webb was still able to make history and so can we!   Written by: Ashley G, VT   Resources:    

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