Ashley Veterinary Technician

Ashley is originally from Yarmouth and moved to HRM for school. She graduated Maritime Business College in 2019 and started working with us in 2020. Ashley has always known she wanted to work with animals in some way, but it was not until 5 years after obtaining a business diploma in marketing she discovered the position of veterinary technician.

She always grew up with animals and has always had strange animals like hedgehogs, rats, mice, etc. as well as cats and dogs. She is most interested in Zoo medicine, exotics, and behaviour. Her favourite thing about this job is that you are always learning new things. Even if it's not related to medicine, clients might tell you things you didn't know.

When not at work, Ashley lives at home with her fiance, her cat Blackjack, Terrier mix dog Meeko, Husky Baloo, and Bearded Dragon named Jerry. She loves creating things and going outside for activities such as hiking with her dogs, making crafts with her niece and nephew, and traveling. Fun fact, Ashley has lived and worked in Nunavut and Northern Alberta.