Tips For A Safe, Happy Holiday With Your Pets

1. ROUTINE: Keeping regular mealtimes and walks or play-times will reduce stress for you and your pets during the hectic holidays.

2. PET SITTING: If you’re traveling, consider leaving your pets in a boarding facility or arranging for a pet sitter rather than burden your hosts with additional guests.

3. VISITING WITH PETS: If your hosts have four-legged companions, the pets should be supervised while they are getting to know one another. If you’re visiting a home without pets, monitor yours at all times – its amazing the trouble they can find in a non-pet-proofed house.

4. DIET: Stock up on pet food before the holidays to avoid a bare cupboard and sudden diet changes, which can cause vomiting and/or diarrhea. It’s also a good idea to carry water from home or bottled water if you are traveling.

5. TREATS AND PEOPLE FOOD: Take it easy on the treats. Excessive amounts of any new food including pet treats can cause digestive upset. If visitors find your little darlings irresistible, then ration out a number of treats each day and be firm–its in their best interest. Some of the foods in abundance at holiday time can be especially troublesome. Chocolate can be poisonous to dogs. Make sure the trash is tightly closed–turkey bones, turkey and gravy can cause serious problems.

6. TEMPTING DECORATIONS: Cats find dangling decorations irresistible and are known to eat tinsel, which can cause fatal intestinal injuries. Secure the tree to the wall or ceiling with a heavy cord or wire – one ambitious kitty can cause a catastrophe. Both dogs and cats might eat decorative plants including poinsettias, which are toxic.

7. WEATHER: Pets should be kept indoors during the coldest weather. They need a dry, draft-free shelter and fresh water (not frozen) at all times. Pets that spend more time outdoors may require more food at this time of year, they will be burning extra calories to keep warm.

8. NEW PETS: The holiday season is not the time to get a new pet. The activity and attention will overwhelm puppies and kittens, and increase the risk of intestinal problems or trouble with house-training. Why not adopt a new pet after the holidays when everyone can spend time welcoming the new member to the family.

9. HEALTH INSURANCE: Consider putting a pet health insurance plan under the tree at Christmas this year. For more information contact your veterinarian for insurance information. Many plans are reasonable priced and offer different types of coverage, and offer peace of mind for you and your pets.

10. TIME AND LOVE: Although you are busy with your family and friends at this time of year, your pets still need you. Take time to enjoy a quiet moment or play a favorite game. You’ll reconnect with them and they will help you relax and enjoy the festive season.

By Faye Whyte, B.Sc, DVM



Let’s get Active!

I am sure you all know that it's important to make sure our furry friends stay active. However, once winter time hits well that is simply more difficult with the snow and storms that come around. So then how do we keep our friends active in winter as we would in spring/summer? Why is physical activity & mental stimulation so important for animals? Well simply put, as humans do, if they are stuck inside, they will get bored which then can make them become destructive and have other negative behaviors. Cats Cats may not always be outside walking like dogs, but you may still notice with the change in weather maybe they are slowing down and not exercising like they should? Here are some helpful ways to encourage them to exercise. Set up a game of hide and seek and hide toys or treats for them to find. Bring in something new from outside like a stick to mentally stimulate them and work out their brain. The new smells and textures can be very enriching for them. Winter is the perfect time for box forts for our kitty friends. If you have spare time made them a kitty castle or kitty boat whatever your imagination can think of! And of course, everyone likes a little stimulation from Tv. Put on something on the tv or a tablet and let them watch it but be careful they do not knock over your TV. Dogs Our dog friends love to be outside! This is great when the weather is cooperating but on those days that it just makes no sense to go outside or is unsafe to so you can try these helpful exercising tips. Let them walk/run on a treadmill. Now as great as this is for exercise you also need to be careful. Desensitize them to the treadmill first, and start slowly. It can be dangerous if not done properly. If your furry friend likes car rides, go on a trip together even just a short one. Let them enjoy the different sights and smells. Winter is perfect time to learn new tricks! This is the time to teach them that special trick you have wanted to for a while. Set up an obstacle course in your house for them to try and get through. Written by: Ashley G, VT    

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