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Things to know about your Anesthetic Dental

Alight everyone, I am going to share with you 5 things you will want to know about your friend going under anesthetic for dentals.

  1. Non anesthetic Dentals can cause a significant amount of stress & pain!
    With anesthetic dentals your friend rests comfortably while we are able to assess the mouth properly and clean the teeth all while what seems like a restful nap. If it were to be done without anesthetics it would be the same as having strangers around your face, shinning bright lights in your face, and having weird sharp things in your mouth and not knowing what was happening. If you have ever been afraid of going to the dentist, then you can relate how they feel.


  1. Using anesthetic during dentals is safe & convenient
    Each pet gets their anesthetic tailored to them depending on age, health status and what procedures are happening. Dentals should be an outpatient procedure meaning your best friend will be home that night so you do not have to sleep alone.


  1. Anesthetic dental treatments are more effective
    With a non-anesthetic dental, the best you can hope for would be cleaning of the visible part of the surface. The remaining parts reside underneath the surface just like in your own teeth. That will be where your bacteria, plaque, and tartar all hide in hopes you will not see it. If placed under anesthetic, then your veterinary team can clean all underneath the gumline and get the hidden gems hoping to make your friends mouth their permanent home.


  1. Anesthetic dental treatments are more economical
    Since most of the dental disease occurs under the gumline if your best friend only gets a non-anesthetic dental this means all dental disease will go untreated for long periods of time creating infections and pain. All these invisible problems will lead to more vet visits and more money to treat these problems.


  1. Anesthesia allows for proper tooth evaluation
    If your friend is not under anesthetic, then their teeth are not being properly evaluated as they will not be able to have dental radiographs to visualize under the gumline. Unfortunately for us we can not ask them to sit down, stay still and bite down on this plate like your dentist would. This is important as it will show 60% of dental disease so we can be ride of any problems or future problems.

Written by: Ashley G, VT






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