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We stock a wide range of the best veterinary drugs in the animal healthcare field.

There are many medications that are now specifically tailored to animal needs and requirements. These medications have been specifically tested and have been used by animals for many years. Technology is constantly updating different drugs that are available for many different kinds of ailments and conditions.

Never give your pet any sort of medication from home before checking with your veterinarian, as many human drugs are toxic and can be fatal to our pets.

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Black History & Veterinary Medicine - Dr. Alfreda Johnson Webb (1923-1992)

Today's medical historian of colour is Dr. Alfreda Johnson Webb. Dr. Webb graduated with her DVM with our previous blog star Dr. Hinton, as one of the first female African American veterinarians in the US. Both of these great women were also the first black members of the Women’s Veterinary Medicine Association. She also founded the School of Veterinary Medicine of North Carolina State University. In 1971, she became the first African American woman in the North Carolina General Assembly, serving on many committees including serving as the Chairperson of Minority Affairs, president of the Democratic Women of NC, and a member of the NC Council on Sickle Cell Syndrome.   So you can see despite so many obstacles Dr. Webb was still able to make history and so can we!   Written by: Ashley G, VT   Resources:    

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