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Black History & Veterinary Medicine – Dr. Frederick Douglas Patterson

Let’s start with Dr. Frederick Douglass Patterson. This wonderful gentleman got his DVM degree in 1923 and began teaching at Tuskegee University in 1928. He then began to teach veterinary science and founded in 1944 the Tuskegee School of Veterinary Medicine which has graduated 75% of African American veterinarians. He also founded the United Negro […]

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Need a Tic Tac? How’s your pet’s teeth?

We all know what dog breath is, but how normal is this bad breath? Is it really just dog breath or is it something more? Let’s talk about it to help you determine if you should be talking to your veterinarian about your pet’s breath and oral health. We can agree that all dogs have […]

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Black History & Veterinary Medicine

Did you know that Veterinary medicine has a lot of black history behind it? No, me either until I started looking. Therefor I feel it necessary to inform those who also do not know! That means this month you will see blog updates about many amazing historians of veterinary medicine and of African descent. Follow […]

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Things to know about your Anesthetic Dental

Alight everyone, I am going to share with you 5 things you will want to know about your friend going under anesthetic for dentals. Non anesthetic Dentals can cause a significant amount of stress & pain! With anesthetic dentals your friend rests comfortably while we are able to assess the mouth properly and clean the […]

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What Toys are acceptable for my pets teeth?

One thing that is always forgotten when buying new things is how my pet’s toys will affect their teeth? Well with the help of VOHC and others we can help you find out! Let us start off with the basics. What toys cause damage to the teeth? Bones (Animal or Synthetic) Sticks Rocks Yak milk […]

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Algae: Friend or Foe?

As the weather gets warmer from time to time, especially with our alternating rain and sun, we begin to see the warnings that we receive annually. It has returned and it is present. In our lakes, our pools, and other still bodies of water. So, let’s dive into the bloom!

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